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About us

Ajyal for Educational Consultancy is a leading provider of educational consulting services in Turkey and it is a division of the Turkish company Smart Vision Group. SmartVision Group is a conglomerate based in Turkey that operates in a variety of services. The company is dedicated to provide high-quality services to its customers, with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement. Smartvision Group has four main divisions: Homeland real estate, Elaf export and import, Smartvision production, and Ajyal for Educational Consultancy.

Ajyal Mission


Our mission is to provide high-quality, efficient and seamless educational consulting service to university students, and their parents. We strive to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their educational journey and reach their full potential

Ajyal Vision


We envision a world where students can easily access the registration process to achieve their educational goals, and where universities can rely on our services to streamline and improve their registration operations.

Ajyal Values


  • Quality: Ensuring high-quality services and standards
  • Empowerment: helping our students in making informed decisions about their education and career path.
  • Personalization: providing personalized, individualized services to clients.
  • Integrity: acting with honesty and integrity in all business dealings and maintaining confidentiality.


Enrollment to university

Ajyal Educational Consultancy Services offers assistance with the process of enrolling in university or college, including help with choosing a program, completing application materials.

Handle financial process:

The company's financial processing services include assistance with managing financial. processes and other financial aspects of the enrollment process.

Academic advising:

Ajyal Educational Consultancy Services offers academic advising to help students plan their academic careers and achieve their goals. This may include assistance with choosing courses, and selecting a major

University certificate equivalence:

Our company offers the service of equivalence of university certificates that are not issued in Turkey. The process typically involves comparing the course content and curriculum to those of a similar program at the chosen university