About University Beykoz

About University Beykoz


Beykoz University ensures that its students in all fields of education and training programs will achieve the competencies of inevitability for facing 21ˢᵗ Century’s challenges and leading towards a successful and prosperous life. Beykoz university aims to be a centre of happiness, freedom, tolerance and success for its students and staff, and targets excellence in their services. Beykoz University adopts being a model university with a reputation both at home and abroad as a principle by learning, adding value to society and learning by what it learnt, and innovative practices and achievements that it leads.

  • When was Beykoz University founded?

The foundations of Beykoz University were laid established in 2008 by Turkey Logistics Research and Education Foundation which set out the need for educated and well-trained human resources in the logistics sector, materialized Beykoz Logistics Vocational School in 2008 and has graduated 2,500 people who have the competencies needed by the logistics industry until the university's foundation. After the vocational school, the foundation introduced young people to Beykoz University as an exemplary university at international standards with distinctness in higher education. Beykoz University, launched by the Foundation in Istanbul, was founded on September 7, 2016.

  • What are the programs Beykoz University offers?

Beykoz University countins four faculties, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture; two schools, School of Foreign Languages, School of Civil Aviation; two vocational schools namely; Vocational School, Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, and a Graduate Programs Institute offering graduate programs.

  • Is Beykoz University a private university?

Beykoz University is a private university located in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. It is not affiliated with the public university in Turkey.

  • Where is Beykoz University located?

Beykoz University is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, which offers an exceptional experience for international students seeking higher education.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Educational philosophy of the Famous educational scientist John Dewey is also the foundation of Beykoz University’s educational philosophy and unique education teaching model. Quality, excellence and sustainability are very important for our university. Beykoz University provides “International Quality Assurance” to all students with a curriculum program in harmony with international universities and at comparable quality.


To be a universal university that learns, adds value to learning and society with what they learn.


Scientifically and professionally equipped and competent,

Research, problem solving and application skills developed,

Open to multidisciplinary approaches; can design and apply original, aesthetic, creative and innovative applications,

Knowing the value of learning, not breaking away from learning and ethical values throughout life,

Who thinks freely and does not hesitate to express his opinion,

Self-confident and able to communicate effectively,

Perceives and applies quality and excellence as a lifestyle,

Respectful to human life, social and cultural values,

Awareness of social responsibility is developed; taking responsibility for a sustainable future,

and to enable individuals to grow up; to create an exemplary higher education environment and culture that is integrated with students, employees and stakeholders and is respected at home and abroad.

Life of student Beykoz


Beykoz university offers accommodation opportunities to students in agreement with private dormitories in the district of Beykoz. Various payment / discount facilities are also provided on behalf of our university for our students who will stay in these dormitories.


Beykoz university students can find all meals of the day at the “Palegg Cafe” located in all campuses of our university.

Sport Opportunities

The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate organizes sports teams that include Beykoz University students, academics and administrative staff through our university teams and student clubs, and participates in special inter-university and regional competitions.

During the academic semester, our teams organized various activities and participated in tournaments and competitions by organizing various activities and participating in tournaments and competitions, and achieved success in different branches for our university. The biggest of these achievements, our futsal team was Turkey Champions.

As Health, Culture and Sports Directorate, we aim to establish our fencing, athletics, kickboxing, snowboarding, cycling, wrestling, billiards, shooting, chess and tennis teams, and we will be happy to see you among us.


Beykoz university library, working with the motto of “Information is the greatest richness”, carries on its activities for organizing the necessary infrastructure that will enable our university’s academic and administrative personnel and students to easily have access to the information they need. Accordingly, as a member of various consortiums in the field of librarianship, the library is at the service of its users with databases of EKUAL project and its collections increasing day by day. The library will continue to offer services in the future by adapting to changing and advancing technology.

Beykoz university’s library has DSpace software and it is at the stage of developing open access system so that scientific literature can be accessed, scanned, copied over the internet without any financial, legal and technical obstacles.

Tuition fees (Schedule) Beykoz

MajorLanguageTuition fees
Business AdministrationEnglish-
Logistic ManagementEnglish-
International Trade and FinanceEnglish-
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish-
Computer EngineeringEnglish-
Industrial EngineeringEnglish-
Aviation ManagementEnglish-
Business AdministrationTurkish-
Graphic DesignTurkish-
Communication DesignTurkish-
Digital Game DesignTurkish-
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignTurkish-
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish-
Cartoon and AnimationTurkish-
Radio and Film and TelevisionTurkish-
Software EngineeringTurkish-

University required Beykoz


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