About University Altınbaş

About University Altınbaş

Abstract of Altınbaş University:

Altınbaş University is a leading university in Turkey and a rising star in the global university landscape. Altınbaş University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields.

  • What is the history of Altınbaş University?

Altınbaş University was founded in 2008 under the name of "Istanbul Kemerburgaz University", then in 2017, they changed it to the current name - Altınbaş University.

  • Is Altınbaş University a private university?

Altınbaş University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. It is not affiliated with the public university in Istanbul.

  • What are the programs that Altınbaş University offers?

Altınbaş University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of majors. These include medicine, engineering, business, economics, law, arts, and sciences. Altınbaş University also has a strong focus on research and innovation. The university has a number of research centres and institutes, and it is home to a number of ongoing research projects.

  • What is the ranking of the Altınbaş university?

Altınbaş University is a highly-ranked university in Turkey. It is ranked 132nd in Turkey by the Turkish University Ranking Agency (TURAS). The university is also ranked among the top 1,000 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings on impact.

  • Where is Altınbaş university located?

Altınbaş University is an excellent option for students seeking to study in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul. The university boasts three campuses, all located on the European side of Istanbul. The main campus is situated in Mahmutbey, providing a central location for students. Additionally, the university has a business campus in the Besiktas District and a medical campus in the Bakirkoy District, offering specialised facilities for students pursuing business and medical education respectively. With its multiple campuses, Altınbaş University provides students with diverse learning environments and convenient access to various parts of the city.

  • Is Altınbaş University a worthy university?

Altınbaş University is a budget-friendly private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. Altınbaş University offers a range of programs and most of them in English language, including medicine, business and engineering departments. The university is known for its high rankings and commitment to providing a high-quality education system.

  • What is the special Department in Altınbaş university?

Altınbaş University in Turkey offers a unique and desirable jewellery Design department taught in Turkish. It is a rare program among Turkish universities, allowing students to learn jewellery design principles, manufacturing techniques, gemology, and the industry’s business aspects.

Altınbaş University's Vision:

With its strong academic staff adding value to universal knowledge, its global structure, international collaborations, and its entrepreneurial, innovative and competitive vision that enables students to develop and maintain a broader perspective all the time, Altınbaş University keeps enhancing students' experience and learning process to ensure all its graduates stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Altınbaş University's Mission:

Keeping itself always updated with the latest trends in 21st century education and educational technology, and constantly improving its learning processes through lifelong learning methodology approach, Altınbaş University carries forward its mission to promote boundary-free thinking, creative, innovative learning and research environments, and to act in a manner that benefits society as solution-oriented institution.

Life of student in the university Altınbaş


Accommodation is available for Altınbaş University students in a number of dorms for girls and boys as separated. These dorms are located in Mahmutbey campus and are designed to provide a clean, comfortable, secure and civilised environment for the students.


Altınbaş University offers a variety of cuisines with a main dining hall,  and other cafeterias that you can find in the buildings.

At Altınbaş University, our cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with fast food, snacks and pastry options with a capacity of 150. The main dining hall, with its capacity of 250, is open for lunch between noon and 2 p.m. In addition to a variety of food choices and salad bar, a set meal is also served. The quality of the menu served is ensured with HACCP and ISO:9001-2000 standards.

Sport Opportunities

By engaging in the Sailing Introduction Course organised by Altınbaş University's Sailing Club at Kalamış Marina, you have the opportunity to both socialise and join the team following successful auditions. 

Furthermore, after being selected as an athlete by Altınbaş University's Students' Office, you can also secure a position on the university's football team, allowing you to proudly represent your university in various competitions.

Similarly, participating in the Introductory Rowing Lessons hosted by Altınbaş University's Rowing Club at Altınboynuz Sports Club provides you with the chance to socialise and later join the team after tryouts. After gaining selection as an athlete through Altınbaş University's Students' Office, you can also become a member of the basketball team and proudly represent your university in competitive events.

The opportunity to be a part of the volleyball team and the archery team, representing your university in various competitions, is also extended to those who successfully secure a spot following the athlete selections organised by Altınbaş University's Students' Office.

In which sports do we have a presence? You can further represent your university by becoming a part of our sports teams.


As an exemplary Altınbaş University library that has adopted the principle of continuous development and change, to provide and organise the materials required for academic staff, students and other users and to present them to the users in the most useful and fastest way; To be an important reference centre for the information and document needs of researchers in Turkey and around the world, as well as the family of our university and the surrounding community, with the information resources and services we have; To contribute directly to education by providing users with access to information in electronic environment.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Altınbaş

MajorLanguageBeforeAfter discount
Dentistry30%English&Turkish 70%$20,000$16,000
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignEnglish$8,500$4,500
Civil EngineeringEnglish$8,500$4,500
Computer EngineeringEnglish$8,500$4,500
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish$8,500$4,500
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish$8,500$4,500
Software EngineeringEnglish$8,500$4,500
Business AdministrationEnglish$8,500$4,500
Industrial EngineeringEnglish$8,500$4,000
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignTurkish$8,500$3,500
International RelationEnglish$8,500$3,500
Political Science and Public AdministrationEnglish$8,500$3,500
International logistic ManagementEnglish$8,500$3,500
International TradeEnglish$8,500$3,500
Graphic DesignTurkish$8,500$3,500
Social ServiceTurkish$8,500$3,500
Fashion and Textile DesignTurkish$8,500$3,500
Management Information SystemTurkish$8,500$3,500
Jewellery DesignTurkish$8,500$3,500
Health ManagementTurkish$8,500$3,500
Cinema and TelevisionTurkish$8,500$3,500

University required in the university Altınbaş


University Altınbaş University in numbers

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Accreditation Altınbaş

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