About University Istanbul Gelisim

About University Istanbul Gelisim

Abstract of Istanbul Gelisim University:

Istanbul Gelişim University is a leading university in Turkey that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university is known for its strong focus on research and innovation, and it is a great choice for students who want to study in Turkey.

  • What is Istanbul Gelişim University?

Istanbul Gelişim University, founded in 2008 by the Gelişim Education Foundation, is a relatively new university in Turkey. Despite its recent establishment, it has gained recognition for its strong emphasis on research and innovation. As a result, Istanbul Gelişim University is an excellent option for students looking to study in Turkey, particularly for those seeking a modern and forward-thinking educational experience. It is considered one of the leading universities among the newer institutions in the country.

  • Is Istanbul Gelişim University a private university?

Istanbul Gelişim University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. It is not affiliated with the public university in Istanbul.

  • What are the transportation options near Istanbul Gelişim University?

Istanbul Gelişim University is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the Avcılar District. The campus is spacious and surrounded by green areas, creating a pleasant atmosphere for students. The university is conveniently situated near the Metrobus line, making it easy for students to travel to and from the campus.

  • What range of undergraduate and graduate programs does Istanbul Gelişim University offer?

Istanbul Gelişim University is a leading university in Turkey that offers a wide range of 71 undergraduate, in English and Turkish language, and graduate programs also assassinate degree departments 57 in the daytime and 38 at nighttime. the university offers nighttime courses.

Istanbul Gelişim University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields. These include engineering, business, economics, law, arts, and sciences.

Istanbul Gelişim University also has a strong focus on research and innovation. The university has a number of research centers and institutes, and it is home to a number of ongoing research projects.

  • What is the ranking of Istanbul Gelişim University?

Istanbul Gelişim University is a highly-ranked university in Turkey. It is ranked 74th in Turkey by the University Guru ranking. The university is also ranked among the top 1,000 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings on impact.

  • Is Istanbul Gelişim University a worthy university?

Istanbul Gelişim University is a great choice for students who want to study in Turkey. The university offers a high-quality education, and it is located in a vibrant city. Istanbul Gelişim University is also a great choice for students who are interested in research and innovation.

  • What are the most Special programs at Istanbul Gelişim University?

Istanbul Gelişim University stands out for its diverse range of departments and programs, providing students with various choices for their education. One of its notable departments is Aeronautical Engineering, which is the only university in Turkey that offers English. This program allows students to pursue their passion for aviation and gain expertise in the field. Additionally, Istanbul Gelişim University offers an associate department in Cabin Services, catering to students aspiring to work as flight attendants. The university assists students in studying this profession professionally in English, further enhancing their skills and prospects in the aviation industry.

Istanbul Gelişim University is a leading university in Turkey that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university is known for its strong focus on research and innovation, and it is a great choice for students who want to study in Turkey.

Istanbul Gelisim University's Vision:

To be one of the WORLD UNIVERSITIES that produce value for continuous IMPROVEMENT.

Istanbul Gelisim University's Mission:

Gelisim’s goal is to add value to society and humanity

Education, research and community service practices compose its core values; while

Leading competent people and those who use the resources effectively and accountably, for a world

In which goodness, fairness and sustainability are integrated.

Simply believing in research ethics and freedom in its activities,

Internalizing a quality and tolerance atmosphere and

Mastering in physical, social, cultural, psychological and digital realms, Gelisim keeps on improving

Life of student in the university Istanbul Gelisim



In Istanbul Gelişim University, there are canteens and cafeterias that provide socialisation on campus life to meet the nutritional and recreational needs of the students. In these cafeterias, there are a la carte menus as well as table d'hote menus in morning breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can taste the rich aroma of coffee, sandwiches, and cakes in the café next to the student cafeteria. There are two students' canteens, serving poultry, pastries, toast varieties, dessert, salad varieties and chicken pilaf in faculties region. Apart from these, there is also a portable caravan restaurant that offers our students a variety of outdoor dining options. In addition, the Istanbul Gelişim University cafeteria serves students with plenty of daily and fresh meals in the campus life. All of our nutrition points are provided to our students in accordance with their budget, quality and daily calorie needs. All the nutrition points of the campus are constantly audited by the university administration in terms of cleaning and hygiene and price stability. Our cafeterias are places where our students have a pleasant time with different eating and drinking alternatives and indoor-outdoor areas.

Sport Opportunities

As Istanbul Gelişim University, our goal in the field of sports is to train successful athletes, to win championships in the tournaments to be held, and to make sure that our university is among the universities of Europe and world in terms of success. Our university is engaged in activities to improve friendships by proactively assessing the leisure time of students and the personnel, protecting their physical and mental well-being and doing sport to maintain a happy life by doing sports.


Istanbul Gelişim University Library was established in 2008 to support educational and scientific research activities and to meet all kinds of information and documents needs of students, academic and administrative personnel. Our users can benefit from Library services as a member. The resources of our libraries are structured in accordance with the curriculum of our university and are constantly diversified. Our users have the opportunity to research all their libraries in Internet-connected computers. It is contributing to the vision and mission of growing and rapidly developing Istanbul Gelişim University by enriching users day by day with the purchase of resources in the direction of the users and the curriculum.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Istanbul Gelisim

MajorLanguageTuition fees
Aeronautical EngineeringEnglish$5,250
Aviation ManagementEnglish$4,000
Business AdministrationEnglish$4,000
Economics and FinanceEnglish$4,000
English Language and LiteratureEnglish$4,000
International Trade and FinanceEnglish$4,000
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish$4,000
Civil EngineeringEnglish$4,000
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignEnglish$4,000
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEnglish$4,000
translation and interpretation (English)English$4,000
Nutrition and DieteticsEnglish$4,000
Logistic ManagementEnglish$3,750
Child DevelopmentEnglish$3,750
Aviation ManagementTurkish$3,500
Business AdministrationTurkish$3,500
Economics and FinanceTurkish$3,500
Public Relations and PublicityTurkish$3,500
International Trade and FinanceTurkish$3,500
Logistic ManagementTurkish$3,500
Political Science and International RelationsTurkish$3,500
Political Science and Public AdministrationTurkish$3,500
Radio and Film and TelevisionTurkish$3,500
Tourism GuidanceTurkish$3,500
New Media and CommunicationTurkish$3,500
English Language and LiteratureTurkish$3,500
Management Information SystemTurkish$3,500
Aeronautical EngineeringTurkish$3,500
Civil EngineeringTurkish$3,500
Computer EngineeringTurkish$3,500
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringTurkish$3,500
Industrial EngineeringTurkish$3,500
Mechatronics EngineeringTurkish$3,500
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignTurkish$3,500
Graphic DesignTurkish$3,500
Interior ArchitectureTurkish$3,500
Communication DesignTurkish$3,500
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish$3,500
Child DevelopmentTurkish$3,500
Nutrition and DieteticsTurkish$3,500
Speech and Language TherapyTurkish$3,500
Occupational TherapyTurkish$3,500
Health ManagementTurkish$3,500
Social WorkTurkish$3,500
Banking and InsuranceTurkish$3,500
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish$3,500
Television and reporting programmingTurkish$3,500
Aircraft Maintenance and RepairTurkish$3,500
Exercise and Sport SciencesTurkish$3,500
Exercise and Sports for DisabledTurkish$3,500

University required in the university Istanbul Gelisim


University Istanbul Gelisim University in numbers

20230-50th0-50th0-50thWorld UniversityRankingsYoung UniversityRankingsImpact Rankings5,365InternationalStudents162University partners0BranchCampuses39,052Undergraduate Students

Accreditation Istanbul Gelisim

Which countries accredit the university Istanbul Gelisim ?

flag of Oman


flag of Lebanon


flag of Palestine


flag of Comoros


flag of Djibouti


flag of Mauritania


flag of Libya


flag of Tunisia


flag of Somalia


flag of Yemen


flag of Morocco


flag of Algeria


flag of Sudan


flag of Egypt


flag of Jordan


Campuses Istanbul Gelisim

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