About University Ankara Bilim

About University Ankara Bilim


In Ankara Bilim University the education environment meaning is the partnership of the trio of people, things, and values; where the things go beyond just supplying the need; where communication is integrated with knowledge, depth, excitement, and aesthetics; where different physical environments, contexts, and cultures are incorporated, and where it is active, productive, creative.

  • When was Ankara Bilim University founded?

Completing its actual establishment after being published in the Official Gazette dated 17 April 2020, Ankara Bilim University is a foundation university established in accordance with the following basic strategies and objectives by the Turkish Efficiency Foundation established on 21 April 2016, which aims to develop the awareness and culture extending "sustainable development" at the individual and institutional level, and which is a non-governmental organization responsible for setting high productivity standards and applications in terms of environment, economic targets and human nature by closely following the developments in our country and the world.

  • What is Ankara Bilim University's educational approach?

Ankara Bilim University aims to serve humanity by creating a learning, research and development environment that prioritizes all sciences, technology, efficiency and includes art.

  • What are the programs Ankara Bilim University offers?

Ankara Bilim University will offer a versatile educational environment ranging from technology to political science, electronics to economics, fine arts to industrial engineering, psychology to computer engineering and many other branches of science, literature and performing arts. The programs are offered in English and Turkish.

  • Is Ankara Bilim University a private university?

Ankara Bilim University is a private and budget-friendly institution that provides top-notch education at an affordable cost. With its commitment to offering high-quality education at accessible rates, the university promotes equal educational opportunities for all.

  • Where is Ankara Bilim University located?

Ankara Bilim University, which offers an exceptional experience for international students seeking higher education, located in Ankara, a vibrant and culturally diverse city.


To be among the most successful universities of our country at world standards; to raise the global individuals of tomorrow that create activities for the welfare and development of humanity, that lead, participate thereof and produce national solutions; and to develop and disseminate the integrity of art, ideas, and knowledge that improves the society and contributes to the quality of life of a nation, region and the world.


Ankara Bilim University aims to create a learning, research, and development environment that prioritizes all sciences, technology, productivity, and covers arts, to serve humanity.

Education is not just a means of obtaining a job or a career at Ankara Bilim University aims to train students to think and learn to learn. Ankara Bilim University aims to raise individuals with national consciousness who can think independently and learn lifelong through education programs expanding different fields, scientific research studies, and culture-art activities.

To be a World-Class, Thematic and New Generation Higher Education Institution that has taken it upon itself to develop creative solutions.

Life of student in the university Ankara Bilim


Ankara Bilim University does not provide or guarantee accommodation. However, there are some options you can use to find your own accommodation near the Ankara Bilim University campus.


Sport Opportunities

With Ankara Science Sports Club, Ankara Bilim University aims to prepare the environment by bringing students healthy living habits, to enrich the campus life, and to provide students with sports skills that they can use for life upon the organization of quality physical education, sports, and conditioning programs.

With the sports teams included in the branches of Basketball, Handball, Tennis, Mountaineering, and American Football, Our Sports Club will participate in local leagues and competitions and tournaments to be created by the University Sports Federation.


Ankara Bilim University Library is an information center that plays a primary role in realizing and developing education, training, and research programs. Library collects necessary information and information resources within its body and tries to make them available for the users in the best possible way. Ankara Bilim University Library is located on the -1 floor of our main building. It has 75 seating capacity and group study rooms on 290 m2.  The Library of Congress classification system and Resource Description & Access  cataloging rules are applied to international standards in our library.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Ankara Bilim

MajorLanguageTuition fees
English Language and LiteratureEnglish$3,000
Management Information SystemEnglish$3,000
Business AdministrationEnglish$3,000
Political Science and Public AdministrationEnglish$3,000
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish$3,000
Software EngineeringEnglish$3,000
Industrial EngineeringEnglish$3,000
Computer EngineeringEnglish$3,000
New Media and CommunicationEnglish$3,000
Interior ArchitectureEnglish$3,000
Information system EngineeringEnglish$3,000
Film Design and ManagementEnglish$2,500

University required in the university Ankara Bilim


University Ankara Bilim University in numbers

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Accreditation Ankara Bilim

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Campuses Ankara Bilim

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