About University Atilim

About University Atilim

Abstract of Atilim University:

Atilim University is a prominent institution of higher education located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Atilim University is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence. The university's campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and extensive libraries, providing students with an ideal environment for learning and research. Atilim University is a dynamic and forward-thinking institution that values academic excellence, research, and innovation. It aims to prepare students for successful careers and to contribute to the development of both Turkey and the global community.

  • When was Atilim University founded?

Atilim University founded in Ankara by the Atilim Foundation on 15 July 1997 with the purpose of being a university which “provides quality education, produces science and technology, conducts research and enlightens the future of our country”, Atilim University takes firm steps to attain its target and even carry it one step further.

  • What are the programs Atilim University offers?

Atilim University provides 40 programs in the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences and Civil Aviation. The Civil Aviation Training Center of Atilim University located in Esenboga Airport is the first and only aircraft hangar launched by a university in Ankara. Atilim University offers a majority of higher education programs in English and students even have the opportunity to learn different languages.

  • Is Atilim University a private university?

Atilim University is a private university located in the city of Ankara, Turkey. It is not affiliated with the public university in Turkey.

  • Where is Atilim University located?

Atilim University is located in İncek, Gölbaşı, 20 km from the City Centre of Ankara and 7 km from the motorway. The campus contains faculty buildings, laboratories, conference halls, basketball and volleyball facilities, a gymnasium, tennis courts, a condition hall, a swimming pool, cafeterias, cafes, and outdoor recreation areas.

  • What is the ranking of Atilim University?

The ranking of Atilim University is 4th among the Turkish Universities in Times Higher Education Universities Ranking prepared; 2nd among the Turkish universities involved in the Physical Sciences rankings prepared by Times Higher Education; 21st in Turkey and 6th among Turkish foundation universities according to the Spanish research organization SCIMAGO’s ranking; ranking among the top 6 universities in “Entrepreneur and Innovative Universities Ranking” prepared by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and becoming one of the rising values of our country with its research and industrial collaboration attempts, Atilim University supports the studies of academicians on the path of “becoming a world class university”.

Atilim University formulates and prepares strategic plans to ensure the ongoing quality of education, research and development, production processes, and social services. These plans also serve to align the institution with both local and global changes by staying abreast of current developments in higher education.

Atilim University's Vision:

To always rank among the top 10 Turkish universities and top 500 universities around the world in the fields of research and education.

Atilim University's Mission:

To raise qualified individuals equipped with knowledge in their field at an international level by creating high-performance means for the production and application of scientific knowledge with the understanding of social sensitivity and sustainability.

Life of student in the university Atilim


The students, who will study at Atilim University, coming from other cities to Ankara can find accommodation near the campus. The University recommends private dormitories affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. These dormitories strive to meet all needs of students in a comfortable and safe environment and to make them feel at home.

Atilim University has no legal affiliation and/or business interest with these dormitories and takes no responsibility whatsoever.


A variety of options for food are offered to students, teaching and administrative staff of the University. The importance of food in life is undeniable. Bearing this situation in mind, Atilim University does its best to offer the best alternatives. The campus has 5 cafeterias and 1 canteen which can serve up to 5000 individuals. The services are of top quality and maintained that way given the importance of nutrition for students and staff. The cafeteria offers pide, grills, doner and hot meals prepared in the main kitchen.

The cafeteria located in the Engineering Faculty has a seating capacity of 300 and serves pizza, hamburger, baked potato, grills and hot meals.

The productions are conducted under supervision of food engineers and products are offered under the control of the food engineers.

Sport Opportunities

The Activity Book was announced by the Turkish University Sports Federation. According to the official results, Atilim University ranked 37 among 162 universities and involved in %22 percentile by participating in 23 contests. Ranking 38th among 147 medal-awarded universities. Atilim University achieved a great success by involving in the 24% percentile. The medals won by our students are significant in terms of raising sportive generations at the University.

Sports Fields:

Basketball Court (available for basketball. volleyball. handball. badminton, futsal, table tennis. archery, dance. American football) Fitness Hall Pilates Hall (pilates. dance. table tennis. marksmanship) Foyer Area - Ground Floor (table tennis. billiards) Boxing Hall (box. dart, meeting halls) Tennis Courts Outdoor swimming pool.


The story of the foundation of Atilim University library begins in March 1998 with 200 books and a computer set in our first building. Developing technologies made it necessary to set up a future-oriented infrastructure for the library. Today, Atilim University librarians work at a fast pace. In the first half of 1999, the number of books registered into the library archive was 1129, with 56 international periodicals and 7 Turkish periodicals, circulating 598 books to 228 users. Atilim University library was growing rapidly, and so has the number of its users, necessitating more space. A large space was allocated to the Library in the adjacent building constructed for the School of Business. In the 2000-2001 academic year, the Library moved to its new building and resumed service in a brand-new atmosphere with 20,615 printed books.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Atilim

MajorLanguageBeforeAfter discount
English Language and LiteratureEnglish$11,000$5,500
translation and interpretation (English)English$11,000$5,500
International Trade and LogisticsEnglish$11,000$5,500
International RelationEnglish$11,000$5,500
Public Relations and AdvertisingEnglish$11,000$5,500
Tourism ManagementEnglish$11,000$5,500
Automotive EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Chemical EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Civil EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Computer EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Energy Systems EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Business AdministrationEnglish$11,000$5,500
Information system EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Industrial EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Mechatronics EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Software EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Nutrition and DieteticsEnglish$11,000$5,500
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEnglish$11,000$5,500
Aviation ManagementEnglish$11,000$5,500
Metallurgical and materials engineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Airframe and Powerplant MaintenanceEnglish$11,000$5,500
Material Science and EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Manufacturing EngineeringEnglish$11,000$5,500
Fashion and Textile DesignTurkish$11,000$5,500
Industrial Product DesignTurkish$11,000$5,500
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignTurkish$11,000$5,500
Business AdministrationTurkish$11,000$5,500
Political Science and Public AdministrationTurkish$11,000$5,500
Child DevelopmentTurkish$11,000$5,500
Graphic DesignTurkish$11,000$5,500

University required in the university Atilim


University Atilim University in numbers

01501-2000th801-1000th601-800thWorld UniversityRankingsYoung UniversityRankingsImpact Rankings0InternationalStudents6University partners1BranchCampuses0Undergraduate Students

Accreditation Atilim

Which countries accredit the university Atilim ?

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Campuses Atilim

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