About University Fenerbahçe

About University Fenerbahçe


Discover Fenerbahçe University, a private institution in Istanbul, Turkey. Offering a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs, including pharmacy, business, engineering, law, and social sciences, the university blends quality education with a dynamic campus experience. Explore top-notch learning, innovation, and vibrant student life at Fenerbahçe University.

  • When was Fenerbahçe University founded?

Fenerbahçe University was founded in 2016 by the Fenerbahçe Sports Club, one of the most successful sports clubs in Turkey. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, including pharmacy, business, engineering, law, and social sciences.

  • Is Fenerbahçe University a good university?

If you are looking for a top-quality education in a modern and vibrant campus environment, then Fenerbahçe University is a great choice for you. The university offers a wide range of programs to choose from, and it has a strong alumni network that can provide you with support and opportunities after graduation.

  • Where is Fenerbahçe University located?

Fenerbahçe University is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically in the Ataşehir district. The campus is conveniently located near the Metropol Shopping Mall, providing students with easy access to various amenities. The university boasts a fantastic atmosphere, contributing to a conducive learning environment.

Fenerbahçe University is an excellent option for students seeking a top-notch education in a contemporary and lively campus setting. With a dedicated emphasis on research and innovation, the university provides ample chances for students to engage in extracurricular pursuits.

  • Is Fenerbahçe University a private university ?

Fenerbahçe University is a private university, known for its budget-friendly approach, offers a range of majors including pharmacy, business, law, and social science. While courses are available in both English and Turkish, most are taught in Turkish, providing diverse academic options.


Aiming at becoming a respected university in international and national higher education, our vision is to

ensure that our students are proficient English language users to express themselves independently,

equip our students with the language skills they will need in the academic field and work life by providing high-quality English language teaching,

adopt academic excellence as a target in English language learning,

provide our students with opportunities to learn different languages ​​throughout their education and to support them on the way to become citizens of the world.

contribute to the enhancement of English language learning and learning in different foreign languages ​​in our higher education.


Our mission under the guidance of our competent and experienced teaching staff is to;

strengthen our students' personal awareness of being an English language user,

ensure that our students take responsibility for their own learning process,

support our students to participate in academic and social activities inside and outside the classroom,

constantly prioritize contemporary methods and techniques in English language learning and to create a dynamic program,

equip our students with the English language proficiency and learning skills that will be required in their academic education,

provide our students with the necessary English language skills to be able to express themselves orally and in writing at an advanced level,

offer effective solutions to the challenges of our students in English language learning and to constantly support them academically.

Life of student in the university Fenerbahçe


To better serve Fenerbahçe University students, we have partnered with a number of dormitories. We strongly recommend these dorms to Fenerbahçe University students.


There is a cafeteria-canteen at each of Fenerbahçe University’s Ataşehir Campus and Dereağzı Facilities. At such canteen-cafeterias, hot food needs under fixed menu and multiple choice alternatives are diligently prepared by specialized personnel and food engineers.

In our canteen-cafeterias at size in accordance with the standards set forth and specified by Higher Education Board, modern architecture, decorated in accordance with access of the disabled as well, our students are able to meet their feeding and resting requirements in comfort.

Sport Opportunities

Fenerbahçe University offers a wide range of sports opportunities. In our university, which currently has ten sports teams, new teams are established in line with student demands and needs, and opportunities are provided for them to compete in inter-university championships. Sports team selections are held in the second week of our university's academic opening day. Our students, who participate in sports team selections held under the supervision of our coaches and coaches who are experts in their branches, are directed to the relevant branches according to their abilities. In our activities where Fenerbahçe Sports Club training fields are used, our students benefit from the best facilities of our country. Fenerbahçe University students have the opportunity to do many sports activities on campus, in addition to their academic lives. These are chess, yoga, pilates, dance, table tennis, darts, bocce, gymnastics, etc. are sports branches. In order to socialize, have a good time with their friends and clear their minds from their intense academic studies, Fenerbahçe University students take part in cycling, hiking, camping, climbing, rafting, diving, etc., organized by our sports coordinator and student clubs, in their free time from classes. They have the opportunity to do many sports activities outside the campus.


Fenerbahçe University conducts its services with the innovative infrastructure since 2019 in Ataşehir campus building. Library mission is to develop its services with new facilities that meets the changing expectations of 21st century. Library supports university education and research programs with its rich print publications and electronic database collections. Library has a large collection of printed books, electronic books, electronic journals and online databases. You can easily access online resources out of campus 7/24.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Fenerbahçe

MajorLanguageBeforeAfter discount
Economics and FinanceEnglish$8,000$4,000
English Language and LiteratureEnglish$8,000$4,000
Management Information SystemEnglish$8,000$4,000
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish$8,000$4,000
Computer EngineeringEnglish$8,000$4,000
Industrial EngineeringEnglish$8,000$4,000
Interior ArchitectureEnglish$8,000$4,000
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationEnglish$8,000$4,000
Interior ArchitectureTurkish$6,000$3,000
New Media and CommunicationTurkish$6,000$3,000
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish$6,000$3,000
Radio and Film and TelevisionTurkish$6,000$3,000
Nutrition and DieteticsTurkish$6,000$3,000
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish$6,001$3,000
Speech and Language TherapyTurkish$6,000$3,000
Sport ManagementTurkish$6,000$3,000
Exercise and Sport SciencesTurkish$6,000$3,000
Physical Education and SportTurkish$6,000$3,000

University required in the university Fenerbahçe


University Fenerbahçe University in numbers

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Accreditation Fenerbahçe

Which countries accredit the university Fenerbahçe ?

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Campuses Fenerbahçe

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