About University Istanbul Okan

About University Istanbul Okan


Discover Istanbul Okan University, a leading private institution in Istanbul, Turkey, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in English and Turkish. With a strong focus on internationalization, a modern campus, and vibrant student life, Okan University provides an excellent educational experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

When was Istanbul Okan University founded?

Istanbul Okan University is a private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded in 1999 and has since become one of Turkey's largest universities. Istanbul Okan University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in English and Turkish.

What are the programs of Istanbul Okan University? 

Istanbul Okan University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in English and Turkish. The university has 10 faculties, two vocational schools, and three graduate schools. The faculties offer a variety of programs in medicine, dentistry, the arts and sciences, business, engineering, health sciences, and law. The vocational schools offer programs in tourism and hospitality, business administration, and computer science. The graduate schools offer programs in business administration, engineering, and education.

  • Is Istanbul Okan university a private university?

Istanbul Okan University, a private institution in Istanbul, Turkey, is renowned for its budget-friendly approach, providing affordable tuition fees without compromising on the quality of education. It offers students access to a high standard of education while considering their financial constraints, making it an attractive option for students seeking quality education without excessive expenses.

  • Where is Istanbul Okan University located?

Istanbul Okan University is situated in Istanbul, Turkey, on the Asian side of the city. The campus is located outside the busy city center, offering a quieter environment. However, finding housing near the university can be challenging for students who prefer to live off-campus. On the positive side, Istanbul Okan University provides several affordable dormitory options for students who wish to stay on campus.

  • Is Istanbul Okan University good for International students?

Istanbul Okan University has a number of special features that make it a unique and attractive university. These features include:

A strong focus on internationalization: Istanbul Okan University is committed to internationalization. The university offers a number of English-language programs, and it has partnerships with universities all over the world.

A modern campus: Istanbul Okan University's campus is located in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The campus is modern and well-equipped, and it offers students a variety of facilities, including libraries, laboratories, and sports facilities.

A vibrant student life: Istanbul Okan University has a vibrant student life. The university has a number of student clubs and organizations, and it hosts a variety of cultural and sporting events throughout the year.

  • What is special about Istanbul Okan university?

Istanbul Okan University takes pride in its exclusive department of Automotive Engineering, which sets it apart from other private universities in Turkey. This specialized program focuses on training students in the automotive industry, covering various aspects of vehicle design, manufacturing, and technology. As the only private university in the country to offer this degree, Istanbul Okan University provides students with a unique opportunity to gain expertise and skills in the field of automotive engineering, preparing them for promising careers in this thriving industry.


To become an innovative, leading “World University” that meets the requirements of the society and business life in the universal standards.


Istanbul Okan University mission is to become a World University that trains the individuals who:

Internalize the basic values of the Republic, sensitive to national and global issues, reflects the universal development and requirements to the education system, uses and improves new education methods,

Trains individuals who think analytically and having problem solving ability, questionary, multiple foreign languages, learned to access, use and share information, internalize the ethical values, respectful to the different cultures, self-confident, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial,

Contributes to science, culture and art with genuine researches, studies and publications,

May reflect student-oriented, universal development and changes to the education system, use contemporary education techniques and methods, gives education for problem solving,

Gives particular importance to the exaltation of humanity, human dignity, social responsibility, social gender equality and environmental consciousness in its studies and produces the projects in this field,

Become a university having strong communications with students and team spirit, sensitive to social problems and pays regard to employee satisfaction, and

People-oriented, innovative, having solidarity and team spirit, self-improvement.

Life of student in the university Istanbul Okan


Our dormitories are located within Istanbul Okan University Tuzla Campus; It consists of 5 separate buildings, 3 girls' dormitories and 2 boys' dormitories. Dinner is included in the dormitory fee 5 days a week (except public holidays). Within the dormitory buildings, there are study rooms, a laundry room that our students can use free of charge, an ironing room, a prayer room, wired and wireless Internet access, and 24-hour hot water service. All dormitory buildings are located on the campus area, and the campus and dormitories are monitored by Istanbul Okan University's security team and 24-hour camera system. In addition, there are nurses and ambulances in our dormitories 24/7 and health services are provided when necessary. All dormitory rooms and common areas, which are student living areas, are cleaned by experienced staff. In our dormitories, our students are offered accommodation in rooms ranging from 1-2-3 and 4-person standards. Within the dormitory rooms; There is a bathroom, WC, mini & midi type refrigerator, telephone, desk, wardrobes and plasma TV.


At Istanbul Okan University Tuzla Campus; There are 4 dining halls that provide spacious, high-quality, healthy and different tastes to all our students, academic and administrative staff, 2 cafeterias that provide fast-food service, 5 canteens, 1 market that provides kebab, lahmacun and pita services. All our food and beverage establishments are checked with uninterrupted internal and external inspections to ensure quality and safety. Continuous inspection activities are carried out without compromising hygiene.

Sport Opportunities

Sports, which is one of the most important social activities at our Istanbul Okan University, is highly preferred by our students.

Sports has become a very important way of life today, and our primary goals are to make Istanbul Okan University's academic-administrative staff, especially our students, love sports, to encourage them to do sports, and to introduce them to contemporary sports culture. For this purpose, our Sports Directorate organizes various tournaments and activities for our staff and students to actively participate in sports. In addition, Istanbul Okan University participates in the competitions organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation and achieves significant success in the competitions. Istanbul Okan University, which actively participates in the activities carried out by the Branch Federations, clearly shows how much importance it attaches to sports.


Istanbul Okan University students are allowed to borrow books from the library. In order to use this service you need to have a student card. Reference books, periodicals, unpublished theses, rare literary works, reserved and course books are not to be borrowed. The books and/or publications which are not in stock in our own library will be provided from other universities, within the framework of the conditions determined by the Library Consortium and are available for the use of academic staff. Istanbul Okan University enables its library users to make use of 50 computers for internet access to reach the data they are looking for. Additionally, users have the opportunity to access the free wi-fi network from any part of the library.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Istanbul Okan

MajorLanguageTuition fees
Geomatics EngineeringEnglish-
Automotive EngineeringEnglish-
Information System and TechnologyEnglish-
Civil EngineeringEnglish-
Computer EngineeringEnglish-
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish-
Industrial EngineeringEnglish-
Genetics and bioengineeringEnglish-
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish-
Energy Systems EngineeringEnglish-
International TradeEnglish-
Software EngineeringEnglish-
Mechatronics EngineeringEnglish-
Economics and FinanceEnglish-
Business AdministrationEnglish-
International RelationEnglish-
International Logistic and TransportationEnglish-
Tourism ManagementEnglish-
Nutrition and DieteticsEnglish-
Business AdministrationTurkish-
International RelationTurkish-
International TradeTurkish-
International Logistic and TransportationTurkish-
International FinanceTurkish-
Civil EngineeringTurkish-
Industrial EngineeringTurkish-
Fashion DesignTurkish-
Film and TelevisionTurkish-
Industrial DesignTurkish-
Visual Communication DesignTurkish-
Interior DesignTurkish-
Child DevelopmentTurkish-
Nutrition and DieteticsTurkish-
Management Information SystemTurkish-
Civil Aviation ManagementTurkish-
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish-
Sport ManagementTurkish-
New MediaTurkish-
Health ManagementTurkish-
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish-
translation and interpretation (English)Turkish-
Accounting and AuditingTurkish-

University required in the university Istanbul Okan


University Istanbul Okan University in numbers

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Campuses Istanbul Okan


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