About University Istanbul Topkapı

About University Istanbul Topkapı


Istanbul Topkapı University offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs in fields like business, engineering, and law. With a spacious campus, inclusive ethos, and focus on entrepreneurship, it empowers students for impactful contributions to the business world. Experience quality education affordably at Istanbul Topkapı University.

  • When was the Istanbul Topkapı University founded?

Istanbul Topkapı University is a private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded in 2016 by the Topkapı Education Foundation, one of the leading educational institutions in Turkey. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, law, and social sciences.

  • Where is Istanbul Topkapı University located ?

Istanbul Topkapı University boasts a vast 100,000 m² campus on Istanbul's European side in the Zeytinburnu district, offering ample green spaces. Additionally, the university has another campus in the distinguished Balat district, both situated on the European side of Istanbul.

  • What are the programs Istanbul Topkapı University provides?

Istanbul Topkapı University offers a comprehensive array of academic opportunities, including 25 graduate and PhD programs, 35 undergraduate departments, and 56 associate degree programs (spanning 2 years each). The university is dedicated to cultivating graduates who embody an entrepreneurial spirit, exhibit robust self-confidence, and are well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to the business sector.

  • Is Istanbul Topkapı University a private university?

Istanbul Topkapı University is a private and budget-friendly institution that provides top-notch education at an affordable cost. With its commitment to offering high-quality education at accessible rates, the university promotes equal educational opportunities for all. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone has the chance to pursue their education and contribute to their future success.


To be the university of the future, which is recognized internationally, makes a difference by establishing its own ecosystem, and is preferred in terms of working life and education.


Istanbul Topkapı University aims to provide education at universal standards with its interdisciplinary programs, experienced academic staff, technologies suitable for the requirements of the age; To adopt an education system with high social awareness, strong sectoral contact and innovation-oriented education, and to be a university that produces solutions by using its resources efficiently; It has made it its mission to raise graduates who are preferred in working life and who have strong communication skills.

Life of student in the university Istanbul Topkapı


To better serve Istanbul Topkapı University students, we have partnered with a number of dormitories. We strongly recommend these dorms to Istanbul Topkapı University students.


Sport Opportunities


Istanbul Topkapi University Libraries were established in Balat campus in 2009 to support the education, training and research activities of our university and to meet the information and document needs. In addition to meeting the information-document needs of its students and academic staff, the Library and Documentation Department aims to provide the opportunity to conduct research in a warm environment and to improve the national/international knowledge of its users.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Istanbul Topkapı

MajorLanguageBeforeAfter discount
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish$6,500$3,250
Computer EngineeringEnglish$6,500$3,250
Management Information SystemEnglish$6,500$3,250
Business AdministrationEnglish$6,500$3,250
Computer EngineeringTurkish$5,500$2,750
Software EngineeringTurkish$5,500$2,750
Political Science and International RelationsEnglish$5,500$2,750
English Language and LiteratureEnglish$5,500$2,750
translation and interpretation (English)English$5,500$2,750
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringTurkish$5,500$2,750
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish$4,500$2,500
Graphic DesignTurkish$4,500$2,250
Interior ArchitectureTurkish$4,500$2,250
Visual Communication DesignTurkish$4,500$2,250
Cartoon and AnimationTurkish$4,500$2,250
Aviation ManagementTurkish$4,500$2,250
Business AdministrationTurkish$4,500$2,250
International Trade and BusinessTurkish$4,500$2,250
Sport ManagementTurkish$4,500$2,250
New Media and CommunicationTurkish$4,500$2,250
Digital Game DesignTurkish$4,500$2,250
Fashion and Textile DesignTurkish$4,500$2,250
Management Information SystemTurkish$4,500$2,250
Radio and Film and TelevisionTurkish$4,500$2,250

University required in the university Istanbul Topkapı


University Istanbul Topkapı University in numbers

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Accreditation Istanbul Topkapı

Which countries accredit the university Istanbul Topkapı ?

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Campuses Istanbul Topkapı



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