An overview of the Turkish scholarship:

Turkish Scholarship usually refers to the educational and financial opportunities funded by the Turkish government for international students to study at its universities or to participate in various training programs. The primary goal of the Turkish scholarship is to provide equal opportunities for successful international students around the world in order to obtain a scholarship according to international standards. In addition, the program aims to develop mutual cooperation between Turkey and other countries and contribute to regional and global development.

For many years, Turkey has been providing scholarship opportunities to international students and researchers from all over the world. The higher education scholarship programs offered by Turkey were categorized as “Turkish Scholarships” in 2012. Scholarships in Turkey are implemented in cooperation with all relevant institutions such as Turkish Higher Education (YÖK), Yurt-Kur, General Directorate of Migration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

Turkish scholarships are considered one of the most comprehensive scholarships in the world. This scholarship gives international students the opportunity to enroll in various universities and departments, and includes monthly scholarships, tuition fees, health insurance, accommodation, and much more. Turkish scholarships for international students provide the opportunity to enroll in the most prestigious universities in Turkey and benefit from an integrated educational experience.

What are the advantages of the Turkish scholarship?

Turkish Scholarships take into consideration everything that international students will need during their academic studies while discovering Turkey and acquiring new skills. The Turkish scholarship features several aspects that make it attractive to international students. Here are some of these advantages:

  • Scholarships provide the opportunity for students to study at the most prestigious Turkish universities and benefit from the distinguished higher education offered at these universities.
  • Turkish scholarships include covering living and accommodation costs, in addition to a monthly stipend, which reduces the financial burden on international students.
  • The cost of the air ticket is provided when you come to Turkey and start studying, and when the education period ends to return to your country.
  • Health insurance support is provided to students, ensuring their health protection during their studies in Turkey.
  • Turkish scholarships contribute to achieving the goals of cultural exchange between international students and the Turkish community.

What are the salaries offered by the Turkish scholarship?

  • Bachelor’s degree: 1,700 Turkish liras per month.
  • Master’s degree: 2400 Turkish liras per month.
  • Doctorate (PhD) degree: 3000 Turkish liras per month.

What are the conditions for applying for the Turkish scholarship?

Bachelor’s degree:

  • The student must be less than 21 years old.
  • The student must not be enrolled in a Turkish university in the same specialty for which he wishes to apply.
  • The high school average must not be less than 70% for all majors and 90% for the medical group majors (human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy).
  • Student must have graduated or be about to graduate from high school, which enables him to apply with a document proving his average in the second year is not less than 70%, and that he is enrolled in the third stage of high school, and therefore he can apply until the high school certificate is issued.

Master's degree:

  • The student must be less than 30 years old.
  • The student must achieve a minimum average of 75% in the bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in the American system (GPA) 4 out of 5.

Doctorate (PhD) degree

  • The student must be no more than 35 years old.
  • The student must achieve a grade of no less than 75% in the master’s degree, and the student must have completed the master’s degree with thesis.

What are the required documents to apply for the Turkish scholarship?

Bachelor’s degree:

A copy of the high school certificate.A copy of the high school transcript.
A copy of a passport valid for at least one year or an ID cardA personal photo with a white background.
Two recommendation lettersMotivation letter

If you have not graduated from high school, you can register with documents proving that the student is in the final stage of high school.

Master's degree:

A copy of the high school certificateA copy of the high school transcript
A copy of the bachelor certificateA copy of the bachelor transcript
A copy of a passport valid for at least one year or an ID cardA personal photo with a white background.
Two recommendation lettersMotivation letter

Doctorate (PhD) degree

A copy of the high school certificateA copy of the high school transcript
A copy of the bachelor certificateA copy of the bachelor transcript
A copy of the master certificate with proof of study of the thesisA copy of the master transcript
A copy of a passport valid for at least one year or an ID cardA personal photo with a white background.
Two recommendation lettersMotivation letter

What is the method of applying for the Turkish scholarship?

  1. Create your personal account on the scholarship application system in Turkey.
  2. Upload all required documents. It would also be beneficial for you to include your extracurricular activities and achievements in various fields.
  3. List your dream university and your preferences for the program you wish to study.
  4. Write your own letter of intent explaining your preferences, expectations, and goals for the future.
  5. After reviewing all stages and documents, approve your application.

You can also contact Ajyal Educational Services for assistance with the steps to register on the Turkish scholarship system.

What are the majors of the Turkish scholarship?

The majors of Turkish scholarships are diverse and include a wide range of academic disciplines. These majors may be available at various levels of higher education, including bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. Some majors may be available in both languages Turkish and English, but in general Turkish language is the predominant language in most majors. Some common specialties include:

  • Medical majors: human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.
  • Engineering majors: such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and civil engineering.
  • Economics, management, and social sciences majors: such as business administration, international trade, economics, political science, and sociology.
  • Natural sciences and mathematics majors: such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Please note that this is a general list and it is always preferable to verify accurate and correct information from the Turkish Scholarship website or contact Ajyal for Educational Services.

What are the standard for acceptance into the Turkish scholarship?

Applications for Turkish Scholarships are considered according to the candidate's academic success, social activities and motivations related to the chosen field.

Initial assessment:

All applications are screened based on basic criteria such as minimum academic achievement, specific age limits for each educational level, and required documents.

Expert assessment:

Applications submitted by eligible candidates; It is taken into consideration by the expert committee in terms of various criteria such as academic status, previous qualifications, academic interests, career goals, consistency of preferences, content of the letter of intent, and participation in social activities.

After this stage, a final list of qualified candidates is drawn up for the interview process.


A 30-question quantitative test consisting of mathematics, geometry and logic questions is administered to undergraduate candidates before face-to-face interviews conducted by presidential delegations.

Tests will be conducted before the interview in order to evaluate candidates applying in the fields of health sciences, sciences and engineering, which are the fields that accept the largest number of applications compared to other majors.

The test will include questions with explanations as well as questions independent of translation, and these explanations will be in Turkish and English. Since English language resources are frequently used in core courses in health, science and engineering undergraduate programs in Turkey, as in many countries of the world, candidates applying for these fields are expected to know English at a level that enables them to understand the questions in the exam.

Although the test takes into account the country's educational curriculum, the questions have been developed in line with the Turkish curriculum as well.

Personal interviews will be conducted on the same day immediately after completing the test, which will be held in the morning and evening periods. Candidates will be informed of the test and interview dates in the interview invitations.

Candidates will have 60 minutes to complete the 30-question test.

Note: In some countries such as Afghanistan and Sudan, where a large number of applications are received, tests consisting of 80 to 100 questions are organized depending on the number of applicants.


Candidates were selected by a panel of experts from over 100 countries and shortlisted; It is evaluated by interview committees composed of academics and experts.

The interview, which generally lasts 15 to 30 minutes, is conducted in the following:

  • Welcome.
  • Document checking.
  • Know the purpose of the student’s application.
  • Academic knowledge and career goals.
  • Closing and asking questions to the committee by the student.

Note: Students invited for the interview, if they have not graduated, are required to bring all the documents, reports and certificates of previous years they completed to the interview.

Final assessment:

The student's overall suitability for Turkish Scholarships and the interview results of applicants identified as candidates are evaluated by the interview committees and selection committee, and a list of applicants who will receive a scholarship is created.

All Turkish scholarship student who do not hold a C1 level certificate of Turkish language proficiency (including those placed in English or other language-medium programmes) must attend a one-year Turkish language course and obtain a C1 level certificate by the end of their year. Academic.

For more information, contact Ajyal Educational Services, and capitalize on the advantages we provide.

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