What is the ''YÖS'' exam?

The ''YÖS'' exam is a standardized assessment exam conducted in Turkey to determine the qualifications and skills of international students wishing to study in Turkish public universities. The exam consists of two main sections: Turkish language and mathematics. It aims to determine language level and academic abilities. The student's success in this exam determines his chances of acceptance into Turkish public universities because it is considered a criterion for accepting students there.

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What does the word ''YÖS'' mean?

The word "YÖS" is an abbreviation of the Turkish phrase "Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı", which translates to "International Student Examination" in English.

What are the sections of the ''YÖS'' exam?

The ''YÖS'' exam is divided into three sections:


This section includes various topics such as addition of powers, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, numerical series and sequences, in addition to limits and their properties, and the concepts of infinite differentiation and integration with their definition, types and derivatives. It also covers other topics in mathematics such as calculating volume, the concept of exchange and compatibility, and square matrices.


This section includes topics such as bisector, median, median, triangle of its types and theorems related to it, quadrilaterals, hexagons, parallelograms, rhombuses, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, circles, tangents to circles, chords, Cartesian coordinates, slope equations, straight lines, linear equations, solids, and rays, in addition to other engineering topics.

Intelligence Questions (IQ):

The IQ test includes questions developed using international standards to measure logical and mathematical skills. Intelligence questions cover a range of aspects such as problem-solving skills, logical thinking, the ability to find connections between things, creativity, and organizing information.

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What is the number of questions on the ''YÖS'' exam?

The ''YÖS'' exam usually consists of 80 questions, and 120 minutes are allocated to answer them. The questions are distributed in the following order:

40 questions for intelligence (IQ).

30 questions for math.

10 questions for geometry.

It is worth noting that this distribution may vary between public universities, and they may modify the number of questions and their distribution according to their own preferences.

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Who organizes the ''YÖS'' exam?

The ''YÖS'' exam is usually organized and administered by Turkish public universities. The admission department at each university determines the exam structure and dates. Exam details vary from university to university, and there may be differences in the distribution of sections, the number of questions, and the exact content of each section.

When international students wishing to study in Turkey decide to enroll in Turkish public universities, they must check the ''YÖS'' exam requirements for each university they wish to apply to, and prepare well to pass the exam successfully.

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What is the importance of ''YÖS'' exam?

The ''YÖS'' exam is of great importance for international students wishing to study in Turkey at public universities. Here are some of the importance of ''YÖS'' examining:

  • University Admission: The ''YÖS'' exam is considered a prerequisite for admission to Turkish public universities.
  • Determining academic level: The''YÖS'' exam helps determine the level of international students in various subjects such as mathematics, engineering, and intelligence. This is used to ensure that international students have the necessary skills for different fields of study.
  • Determining eligibility for different study programs: The ''YÖS'' exam helps universities determine whether international students are eligible to enroll in specific study programs.

How to prepare for the ''YÖS'' exam?

  1. Examine and understand the exam requirements of the public university to which one wishes to apply. Learn about the structures of the tests and the topics they cover to ensure that all aspects are covered.
  2. Learn about the basic mathematics and geometry topics, and solve many practical exercises and mathematical problems to apply concepts and improve solution skills.
  3. Preparing for IQ and solving mental exams to enhance logical thinking ability. Learn about problem-solving methods and improve mental creativity skills.
  4. Use reliable textbooks that cover test topics, and solve practice tests to assess your level of preparation and identify areas that need improvement.
  5. It is recommended to register for ''YÖS'' exam preparation courses if available, and to benefit from support and guidance from specialized teachers and trainers.
  6. Maintain a balance between study, rest and adequate sleep, and organize an effective timetable to ensure that all topics are covered well.
  7. In the few days before the exam, do a quick review of key concepts, take good care of yourself, and avoid excessive stress.
Preparing for the ''YÖS'' exam requires commitment and organization. Start preparing with the amount of time you think you need to achieve your goals and produce good results.
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Where is the ''YÖS'' exam held?

The ''YÖS'' exam is held at each public university separately. For example, Istanbul University holds its exam at its campus within the city of Istanbul. Some public universities located in distant cities where there are no airports are preparing special centers for exam in large cities like Istanbul.

What is the language of the ''YÖS'' exam?

In most public universities, the student can choose the language that best suits him in the ''YÖS'' exam from the three languages: Arabic, English, and Turkish. Some universities only offer the Turkish language.

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What is the deadline to apply for the ''YÖS'' exam?

Application dates for the ''YÖS'' exam vary from one university to another, and may change every year. It is preferable for international students to follow the website of the university they deem appropriate to apply and obtain the latest information about application and test dates, or contact the university’s admissions department to obtain precise details.

What is the required score for the ''YÖS'' exam?

The acceptance rates in Turkish public universities for the ''YÖS'' exam fluctuate based on the number of international students applying for each major. Acceptance rates for majors fall within the following ranges:

  • In medical majors, acceptance rates are usually around 95% in most public universities that offer medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.
  • In majors of engineering, acceptance rates range around 85% in most public universities.
  • In literary majors, acceptance rates may be lower, typically around 60% at most public universities.

Admissions are generally conducted by comparing international students, taking into account many factors such as ''YÖS'' scores, high school grades and type, and other criteria. It must be taken into consideration that these standards may change according to university policies and annual demand.

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What documents are required to apply for the ''YÖS'' exam?

The documents required to apply for the ''YÖS'' exam may differ slightly depending on the university to which you are applying, but usually include:

  • application form.
  • Passport and a copy of it.
  • Recent personal photos.
  • The high school certificate document and a copy of it, translated into Turkish and certified.
  • A receipt proving payment of the registration fees.

It is always best for students to check the specific registration requirements of the university they wish to apply to, as requirements may vary between universities.

Who is accepted for the ''YÖS'' exam?

Each public university administers its own ''YÖS'' exam, and generally, exam from other public universities are only accepted if the issuing university holds a high local and international ranking. For instance, Istanbul public universities may not accept the''YÖS'' exam from Sakarya public University, while Sakarya public  University may accept the ''YÖS'' exam from Istanbul public universities.

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How much are the fees of the ''YÖS'' exam?

Registration fees range from $10 to $100 per test, depending on the policy of the public university holding the exam. International students must pay the registration fees for the 'YÖS'' exam at the time announced by the university to secure their seat in the ''YÖS'' exam.


Some private Turkish universities accept the ''YÖS'' exam for some public universities with high local and international rankings in order to give the student a discount or exempt him from full fees (according to the university’s private policy). There are also private universities such as Aydin University, Istanbul Medipol University, and … organize their own ''YÖS'' exam to give full or partial scholarships to outstanding students.

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