About University Istanbul Nişantaşı

About University Istanbul Nişantaşı


Discover academic excellence and cultural diversity at Istanbul Nişantaşı University, a private institution located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2009, our highly selective university offers top-tier faculty, a rich array of extracurricular activities, and a strategic location near the city center for an enriching educational experience. 

  • When was Istanbul Nişantaşı University founded?

Istanbul Nişantaşı University was founded in 2009 by the Engin Fikirler Education and Culture Foundation, and it is accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK).

  • Is Istanbul Nişantaşı University a private university?

Istanbul Nişantaşı University is a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. It is not affiliated with the public university in Istanbul.

  • Is Istanbul Nişantaşı University a good university?

Istanbul Nişantaşı University is a highly selective university, and it has a strong focus on academic excellence. The university's faculty are all highly qualified experts in their fields, and they are committed to providing students with a high-quality education.

  • Is Istanbul Nişantaşı University good for international students?

Istanbul Nişantaşı University is also a vibrant and diverse community. The university's student body is made up of students from all over the world, and the university offers a variety of extracurricular activities and events that promote cultural understanding and exchange.

  • Where is the Istanbul Nişantaşı University located?

Istanbul Nişantaşı University Located in Istanbul's Maslak area on the European side. Istanbul Nişantaşı University is the top destination for business students. Its strategic location near the city center and easy access to the metro line ensure a seamless and enriching educational experience. Choose Istanbul Nişantaşı University for a successful journey in business studies.

  • Is the tuition fees in Istanbul Nişantaşı University expensive?

Istanbul Nişantaşı University stands out for offering top-notch education at affordable prices. It takes pride in being one of the most budget-friendly options for students. Whether you're interested in Dentistry, Engineering, or Communication, the university provides diverse programs in English, allowing you to follow your passions without financial stress.


It adopts an educational model open to international collaborations that integrates with technology, supports research and development, focuses on developing innovative products, values entrepreneurship and prioritizes business models that can be transferred to digital platforms. Our vision is based on training a generation that uses digital technology to respond to the needs of the world of objects and artificial intelligence, and to play a significant role in future professions.


Istanbul Nişantaşı University mission is to raise a generation that produces knowledge based on positive science, can think analyticaly and criticaly, and will take advantage of the innovations and opportunities that the technological revolution will bring to social and business life with a project-based education model; a generation with the skills required by a world that is digitalized, integrated with automation systems and robotic technologies; that will adapt to the professions of the future and aim for lifelong learning.

Life of student in the university Istanbul Nişantaşı


Istanbul Nişantaşı University does not provide or guarantee accommodation. However, there are some options you can use to find your own accommodation near the Istanbul Nişantaşı University campus.


There are a total of 2 Cafes, 5 Restaurants, 2 Buffets and a Market on the Istanbul Nişantaşı University Campus.

Sport Opportunities


Istanbul Nişantaşı University Central Library started to be established in 2010, when Istanbul Nişantaşı University started its education life. The purpose of our library, which serves in an area with a modern, state-of-the-art and well-equipped infrastructure; To support education-training and research programs, to meet the information and document needs of faculty members, students and employees in all kinds of environments, and to support the accumulation, use and transfer of knowledge in national and international fields. Istanbul Nişantaşı University is a young and modern university in the multidisciplinary field. The printed and electronic collection of our university library, which has an experienced teaching staff in its field, supports the academic programs of the university.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Istanbul Nişantaşı

MajorLanguageTuition fees
Air traffic controlTurkish$8,000
Business AdministrationEnglish$4,400
Software EngineeringEnglish$4,400
Aviation ManagementEnglish$3,800
Interior ArchitectureEnglish$3,800
English Language and LiteratureEnglish$3,800
International RelationEnglish$3,800
translation and interpretation (English)English$3,800
Management Information SystemEnglish$3,800
New Media and CommunicationEnglish$3,800
Civil EngineeringEnglish$3,800
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish$3,800
Fashion and Textile DesignTurkish$3,250
Graphic DesignTurkish$3,250
Industrial Product DesignTurkish$3,250
Interior ArchitectureTurkish$3,250
Radio and Film and TelevisionTurkish$3,250
Aviation ManagementTurkish$3,250
Business AdministrationTurkish$3,250
International Trade and LogisticsTurkish$3,250
New Media and CommunicationTurkish$3,250
Management Information SystemTurkish$3,250
Public Relations and AdvertisingTurkish$3,250
Civil EngineeringTurkish$3,250
Computer EngineeringTurkish$3,250
Industrial EngineeringTurkish$3,250
Mechatronics EngineeringTurkish$3,250
Nutrition and DieteticsTurkish$3,250
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish$3,250
International Trade and BusinessTurkish$3,250
Speech and Language TherapyTurkish$3,250
Aircraft Maintenance and RepairTurkish$3,250
Digital Game DesignTurkish$3,250
Communication DesignTurkish$2,950
Banking and FinanceTurkish$2,950
Political Science and Public AdministrationTurkish$2,950
Social ServiceTurkish$2,950
Exercise and Sport SciencesTurkish$2,950
Sport ManagementTurkish$2,950
Tourism GuidanceTurkish$2,950

University required in the university Istanbul Nişantaşı


University Istanbul Nişantaşı University in numbers

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Accreditation Istanbul Nişantaşı

Which countries accredit the university Istanbul Nişantaşı ?

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Campuses Istanbul Nişantaşı

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