About University Ozygin

About University Ozygin

Abstract of Ozygin University:

The foundation for Özyeğin University entailed comprehensive surveys conducted with more than 500 subjects including businessmen, faculty members, and university and high school students, in addition to a study on "Developing Sectors and Professions in Turkey and in the World". Özyeğin University shaped its vision through a series of workshops. More than 300 participants attended these workshops, including businessmen, faculty members, university students, and new graduates. In line with its collectively-shaped vision, Özyeğin University was officially established on May 18, 2007 to serve as a unique university.

The Özyeğin university is located in the Asian side of Istanbul in Çekmeköy exactly, it has only one campus.

Ozyegin University’s campus is the first Ecosystem friendly university campus in Turkey Designed by a renowned architecture firm the same architecture firm that designed the building for Cambridge University, this LEED-certified campus offers a peaceful environment on 283,000 square metres of land. The University campus is considered one of the biggest private universities in Turkey. Özyeğin University, one of the top Private Universities in Turkey that provides most of the studies in English languages has 6 faculty, the university is well known for its professional flight study and the Aviation Management and Aeronautical Sciences. 

  • Why Should You Choose Özyeğin University?

Özyeğin University was established with the aim of serving society as an entrepreneurial and research-focused learning centre, which is integrated with modern life. In line with this aim, Özyeğin University offers an innovative education model that adds value to students to prepare them as entrepreneurial and resourceful graduates vested with an in-depth knowledge about the rising professions. Özyeğin University endeavours to instil in students the passion and dedication to make a difference both for their employers and their community by capitalising on the skills, competencies, and experiences they acquire both in academia and in the real world.

  • Is Özyeğin University good for international students?

Özyeğin University in Istanbul can be a good choice for international students depending on their academic and personal preferences. Özyeğin University offers a variety of academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, the whole programs are offered in English, which can be attractive to international students who may not be fluent in Turkish.

Ozygin University's Vision:

To be the most-preferred, learner-centred entrepreneurial research university for all stakeholders.

Ozygin University's Mission:

To serve society as an entrepreneurial research university by creating, sharing, and applying solution-oriented, high value-added knowledge.

Life of student in the university Ozygin


Özyeğin University dormitories, home to our 2,479 students, are elaborately designed to cater to every need of residents. With their comfortable design and different housing options from single to triple and quad rooms, our dormitories offer a warm and home-like atmosphere to our students. All rooms have bathrooms and are equipped with a fridge and a television. The dormitories also accommodate a wide range of amenities and offerings for common use including free laundry room, group study rooms, lounges and guest reception rooms, movie theatres, TV rooms, recreation rooms, cafeterias,  mini-markets, food and drink businesses, an infirmary, and ATMs. Each of our dormitories also has a surveillance system; a 24/7 hot water, security, and ambulance service; and wireless internet.   Our dormitory complex also houses a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a tennis court and a fitness centre to allow our students to make the most of their free time. Accommodation Services Management serves 24/7.


Sport Opportunities

Physical Education and Sportive Activities complement our students’ physical and social development during their intensive academic studies. These activities are highly valued at Özyeğin University and are an integral part of academic and social events.

Our goal is to offer our students the necessary academic and athletic opportunities to equip them with well-developed athletic skills and competencies. Through these skills, our students will develop the habit of regular physical exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn to be a good team player, have higher self-esteem and advanced representation skills, and stand out in their professional careers. These skills will also help our students lead more fulfilling, social and healthy lives.


Özyeğin University Library is a centre for living and learning with its spacious and comfortable atmosphere, rich collection of books and movies, and high level technologies that spans across three floors with an area of 2825 m2. The library boasts of its exemplary modern design, catering to the needs of the new generation. The library strives to support academic and research activities of the university through its vast, user-friendly, and innovative information resources and services. To this end, the library builds its collections and expands its services in collaboration with the academic staff and students.

Tuition fees (Schedule) in the university Ozygin

MajorLanguageBeforeAfter discount
Tourism ManagementEnglish$18,000$10,800
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEnglish$18,000$10,800
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish$18,000$10,800
Industrial EngineeringEnglish$18,000$10,800
International Trade and BusinessEnglish$18,000$10,800
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignEnglish$18,000$10,800
Communication DesignEnglish$18,000$10,800
Industrial DesignEnglish$18,000$10,800
Management Information SystemEnglish$18,000$10,800
International FinanceEnglish$18,000$10,800
Business AdministrationEnglish$18,000$10,800
International RelationEnglish$18,000$10,800
Aviation ManagementEnglish$18,000$10,800
Computer ScienceEnglish$18,000$10,800

University required in the university Ozygin


University Ozygin University in numbers

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Accreditation Ozygin

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Campuses Ozygin

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