What is a residence permit in Turkey?

A residence permit in Turkey is an official document issued by the Turkish Immigration Department to individuals who wish to reside in the country for a long period, whether for study, work, or another purpose. The permit aims to organize and facilitate the residence of individuals, and therefore issuing a residence permit is considered an important part of the process for legal residence in the country. This system reflects Turkey's willingness to receive individuals in an organized manner, which enhances its attractiveness as a preferred destination to live and study.

Residency permit

What are the types of residence permits in Turkey?

There are several types of residence permits in Turkey, and they differ depending on personal purposes and circumstances. Some common types include:

Student Permit:

It is issued to international students who wish to continue studying in Turkey, and it is the title of our article and we will talk about it in detail.

Work Permit:

It is issued individuals working in Turkey.

Family Permit:

It is issued to foreign individuals married to Turkish citizens.

Medical Permit:

It is issued to individuals who need medical treatment in Turkey.

Investor Permit:

It is issued to individuals who want to invest, open businesses and contribute to the economic development of Turkey.

Permanent Permit:

It is issued to individuals who meet a set of conditions and criteria for permanent residence in Turkey.

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, individuals must follow the application procedures specified by the Turkish authorities. Each category of these permits has certain procedures and conditions, and individuals must adhere to applicable laws and regulations while requesting and obtaining those permits.

Types of residence permits

How can international students obtain a student permit in Turkey?

For international students wishing to study in Turkey, they can apply for a student residence permit by submitting an application after final registration in one of the educational institutions in Turkey, whether a school or a university. To obtain a student residence permit in Turkey, international students must follow the following steps:

Registration in a Turkish university:

You can find out the steps for registering at the university through the registration steps page on our website.

Applying for a student residence permit:

After coming to Turkey and final registration at the university, you are now a student and you can apply for a student residence permit through the website of the Turkish Immigration Department.

Submit documents to obtain a student residence permit:

After obtaining an appointment from the Turkish Immigration Department, the student must prepare the file for obtaining the permit. Here is the list of required documents:


After submitting the application to obtain a student residence permit, you must download the appointment file from the website.

A copy of the passport:

The passport that the student has entered must be at least 8 months old, and must contain a visa and entry stamp.

A copy of the student card (Öğrenci Belgesi):

The student obtains it from the Student Affairs Office after final placement at the university, payment of the required tuition fees, and submission of all documents required by the university.

Residence Address:

The residential address can be obtained through the home rental contract certified by a notary public.

Health Insurance:

The student must pay health insurance fees for the required period of residence (years or months) for which the student applied for student residence.

Residence tax:

The student must pay the residence tax fee through the Tax Administration or through the official tax website in Turkey, and these fees vary according to the student’s nationality.

Personal Photo:

The student must provide 4 recent personal photographs, and the background must be white.

Make sure to complete all documents according to Turkish immigration requirements, place them in a designated red folder, ensure that they are correct and up-to-date, and submit all documents completely and correctly to facilitate the process of obtaining a student residence permit. Students can also contact Ajyal Educational Services to obtain more information.

Documents required for a residence permit

What are the advantages of student residence in Turkey?

  • The ability to travel to and from Turkey within the period of residence without the need for an additional visa, which makes it easier for students to organize their trips and participate in cultural events.
  • The ability to conduct official transactions and procedures legally, including opening a bank account and registering in the health system, etc., which contributes to saving time. And the effort of students.
  • The possibility of working legally while studying, which provides students with opportunities to experience professional life and improve their skills.
  • The opportunity to obtain a discounted transportation card for students, which contributes to reducing transportation costs.
  • The possibility of obtaining a cultural card that allows students to visit museums and tourist places for free or With nominal discounts.
  • It provides low costs of living, which contributes to improving students’ living in general.
Student accommodation

End of the student residency period in Turkey:

When the period of student residence in Turkey expires, students must take important steps so that the permit is not cancelled. They should:

  • Submit an application to renew the residence permit early, that is, two months before the end of the residency period, and ensure continued registration in the educational institution, whether it is a school or university. All the conditions that we mentioned previously in our article must also be complied with.
  • If students wish to leave Turkey, they must take care to adhere to all necessary exit procedures to avoid any legal complications.
Expiry of the residence permit period

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