What is the proficiency exam in Turkey?

It is a exam that evaluates students' proficiency in the English or Turkish language and determines their readiness to engage in their chosen study programs. The language of the exam depends on the language of the program that the student wants to follow. This exam is a crucial platform for assessing students' basic language skills and determining whether they need to enroll in language preparatory programs. This exam may exempt students from the language preparatory program.

A test that evaluates students’ proficiency in the English or Turkish language

What are the components of a proficiency exam?

One of the most important features of the recovery/proficiency exam is its ability to accurately determine the level of students' language skills. The exam includes assessing a range of skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. In the reading section, their skills in understanding written texts are assessed, and in writing, their ability to express themselves in writing is analyzed. In the listening part, their ability to understand conversations and audio texts is exam, while in the last part, speaking skills are exam. This diversity in assessment is important for understanding students comprehensively and identifying areas where they may need development. The exam seeks to enhance comprehensive linguistic understanding, as it includes multiple and comprehensive skills that make students ready to integrate into a diverse learning environment.

This opportunity allows students who are not native speakers of the language of study or the target language to demonstrate their ability to communicate in the language of study and excel in academic areas.

Who can attend the proficiency exam at Turkish universities?

Students who wish to enroll in study programs other than their mother tongue. Students who need to provide evidence showing their skills in the target language and to ensure their eligibility for direct enrollment in the study program without the need to enroll in a language preparatory program.

Determine the level of language skills

How can I apply for the proficiency exam at Turkish universities?

To apply for the proficiency exam in Turkish universities, you must follow the following steps, however they may be subject to modification:

Choose the university and program you wish to study:

There are many Turkish universities, whether private or public, and many majors in English and Turkish. Here is the mission of Ajyal Educational Services to help students by providing information about the universities and majors available so that the appropriate university and major can be chosen for each student.

Applying to the university:

After the student makes his decision to choose the university and the appropriate major, after sending the required documents, Ajyal Educational Services will process the registration at the university and obtain initial acceptance from the university in the major chosen by the student.

Pay tuition fees:

Once initial acceptance is obtained, the student must pay tuition fees to the university of his choice. The payment process can be made from any bank. It is enough to show the initial acceptance of the bank employee and he will do the necessary.

Final acceptance and confirmation at the university:

The student cannot take the proficiency exam unless his registration at the university is definitively proven and he obtains a student card.

Announcement of the exam date and preparation for it:

Upon completion of the university registration process and obtaining a student card. The university announces the date of the wellness/aptitude exam. Prepare for the exam by reviewing the available preparation materials and ensuring that you are well prepared.

Submitting the exam:

On the day of the exam, the student must go to the university and arrive at the specified time, preferably at least half an hour before the exam date, and make sure to bring the student card. Follow the instructions issued by the university and take the exam carefully.

Exam results released:

The exam results are announced on the university’s website, and students can also view the results by contacting the university’s admission and registration office.

Confirmation of acceptance and registration in the program:

After the student passes the wellness/aptitude exam, he confirms his acceptance to the university and completes the final registration procedures to join the study program. If you do not succeed, you will be enrolled in the language preparatory program.

The decision of the student to choose the appropriate university and major

What is the passing score in the proficiency exam in Turkish universities?

For undergraduate students who wish to study 4-year programmes, and students of vocational schools, the minimum passing grade required is 60%.

For undergraduate students in the College of Pharmacy and the College of Dentistry, the minimum passing grade is 70%.

For undergraduate students in the Department of English Language Teaching and the College of Medicine, the minimum passing grade required is 80%.

The main goal of the preparatory program is to help students reach the required level of proficiency so that they can follow their departmental courses without difficulty and be able to acquire the necessary language skills to express themselves and exchange information in real-life situations.

Important note: Students enrolled in vocational, undergraduate, or graduate school programs/departments must repeat the preparatory program for two more semesters if they fail after studying the preparatory program.

Passing score on the wellness/proficiency test

What is the compensation for the proficiency exam in Turkish universities?

Turkish universities rely on a variety of degrees and accreditations to compensate for the proficiency exam. These policies and requirements can change from one university to another. Degrees that may exempt students from a competency exam include:

International Language Exam Certificates:

Internationally recognized certificates are exams such as TOEFL for the English language, and TÖMER for the Turkish language. A specific score on one of these exams may be acceptable as an alternative to a wellness/proficiency exam.

Local Language Skills Certificates:

Some universities may recognize certificates issued by locally accredited centers proving a good level of language skills.

Previous educational certificates in English or Turkish:

If the student has obtained a previous educational certificate in the target language (English or Turkish), this certificate may be sufficient to replace the wellness/proficiency exam. In some cases, the secondary school curriculum in which the student completed his studies in the language in which he intends to study may substitute for the wellness/proficiency exam.

A variety of certificates and accreditations to offset the wellness/proficiency exam

Is the English or Turkish language preparatory program compulsory for all students in Turkish universities?

The English or Turkish language preparatory program is not compulsory for all students in Turkish universities. The requirement for this program depends on the language level students demonstrate on the proficiency exam.

What is the duration of the English or Turkish language preparatory program in Turkish universities?

A one-year course system is applied for both undergraduate students and vocational school students from beginner to advanced level. The preparatory program consists of 4 tracks. The duration of each track is 8 weeks, and at the end of each track an assessment exam is conducted. The preparatory program stops between the second and third tracks for two weeks, after which preparatory studies for professional language teaching begin.

Is attendance compulsory in the language preparatory program in Turkish universities?

Regular attendance in the preparatory program is required. Students studying at all levels of the Preparatory Program must meet the attendance requirements for each unit to qualify for the end-of-unit examination given at the end of that unit. Students are responsible for monitoring their class attendance through the Student Information System (UMIS).

One of the most important features of the recovery/proficiency test is its ability to accurately determine the level of students' language skills

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