About Istanbul:

Istanbul is the largest Turkish city and is considered a lively and historical urban center. The city is located on the Bosphorus Strait, and it connects Europe and Asia. It is a city distinguished by the diversity and richness of its history, which makes it an attractive place to live, study and explore.

Istanbul is home to many important tourist attractions, such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmed, and Topkapi Palace. There are also many traditional markets such as the Covered Market, the Grand Bazaar Market and the Black Sea Market.

Istanbul has a developed transportation system that includes the metro, buses, and ferries, which makes moving within the city easy.

In other words, the city of Istanbul embodies the meeting between the cultures and terrain of the European and Asian continents. Life is in harmony and creates a unique blend between the magic of history and the spirit of modernity. In this lively city, tradition and innovation coexist, and history is intertwined with the present in a way that creates a unique atmosphere that reflects the beauty of living in Istanbul.

Lifestyle in Istanbul

Why do students prefer life in Istanbul more than other cities in Turkey?

Istanbul is an ideal destination for students to study in Turkey thanks to its prestigious and leading universities with advanced educational facilities and its diverse cultural life. The city is characterized by its presence at the intersection of cultures between the European and Asian continents, which provides a unique educational experience and cultural diversity that enriches the lives of students. Its attractiveness lies in:

  • Istanbul includes a large group of prestigious and diverse universities, allowing students to choose an educational environment that suits their interests and aspirations.
  • Students in Istanbul live a distinctive cultural experience thanks to the diversity of the population and the influences of different cultures, which provides an opportunity to learn about various customs and traditions.
  • Istanbul offers ongoing cultural and artistic events, Such as festivals, exhibitions and artistic performances, which enrich the students’ experience outside the classroom.
  • Istanbul offers excellent entertainment and shopping options, both in traditional markets and modern malls.
  • Compared to some other European cities, the cost of living in Istanbul is reasonable, making it an attractive option for students.

In short, Istanbul combines quality education with diversity of cultural and entertainment life, making it a popular destination for students seeking a comprehensive and distinctive experience in Turkey.

Student lifestyle in Istanbul

The nature life of student in Istanbul:

The nature of a student's life has multiple aspects that contribute to the formation of his personality and comprehensive development. In Istanbul, students live daily experiences that enrich their knowledge and personal development. This life includes:

  • Istanbul includes several world-class universities that offer diverse and advanced study programs. Which reflects learning in the classroom, interaction with colleagues, and the formation of important social relationships.
  • Challenges and difficulties in Istanbul form part of the student life journey, which enhances resilience and the ability to adapt.
  • Acquiring scientific and practical skills embodies the basis for achieving success in the course of study and the professional future.
  • Universities and student institutions regulate There are social and cultural events and activities in Istanbul that enhance interaction between students. Here the importance of time and its management is evident in a student’s life, as he strives to achieve a balance between study, leisure time, activities and hobbies. 
  • The diverse educational places and dynamic cultural environment in Istanbul allow students to acquire multiple life skills.
  • Istanbul provides diverse housing options and an efficient transportation system that facilitates movement between the university campus and the city.
  • The streets of Istanbul reflect a vibrant and diverse life, adding to the students’ cultural and social experience.

In short, student life in Istanbul offers opportunities for academic success and personal development, combining aspects of education, entertainment and social interaction.

The nature lifestyle of student in Istanbul

What are the advantages of life in Istanbul for students?

Student life has unique characteristics, as it is a vital period for personal growth and development. It allows students to gain knowledge and develop academic skills, in addition to building strong friendships and distinctive social relationships. Here are some advantages of student life in Istanbul:

  • The student in Istanbul lives a diverse life through university life and participation in cultural and sporting activities.
  • Student life in Istanbul provides an opportunity to build strong friendships and social networks, and expand their circle of acquaintance through interaction with their colleagues, which supports them in the different stages of life.
  • The student’s spirit of independence, making his own decisions, discovering his tendencies and interests, and building his personal identity.
  • Istanbul’s active economy provides opportunities for students to work part-time or full-time, which contributes to improving their skills and gaining practical experience.
Advantages of life for a student in Istanbul

Living costs in Istanbul for a student:

The cost of living for a student depends on several factors, including geographic location and desired quality of life. Costs can be assessed:


The cost of housing depends on the student’s choice of housing, whether it is a furnished apartment or student housing, and includes rent and residential costs such as water, electricity and gas bills, and rent. Depending on the place of residence, suitable options can be found starting from 300 to 800 US dollars per month.


Food costs depend on nutritional choices, whether the student eats in restaurants (the price of a single meal ranges between 3-5 dollars, while the price of a single meal in a university restaurant ranges between 1-2 dollars) or the student prepares the food himself.


The costs of public transportation in Istanbul are considered generally reduced for students of all categories, as the student can purchase a discounted transportation card that is refilled on a monthly basis for approximately $8 per month, giving him the right to use 200 means of transportation during the month. Or the student can buy a private car and move around in it.

Books and course materials:

The cost of books and study materials required for academic courses varies from one specialty to another. For example, the costs of a medicine major differ from the costs of an architecture major.


Students are required to have health insurance, and its cost depends on the scope of coverage required.

Personal Expenditures:

Additional expenses for personal needs and entertainment, which vary from one student to another.There are large differences between the costs for students, depending on their financial situation and social life. It is preferable for students to prepare a budget and plan well to control their expenses and ensure they make the most of their resources.

There are large differences between the costs for students, depending on their financial situation and social life. It is preferable for students to prepare a budget and plan well to control their expenses and ensure they make the most of their resources.

The cost of living in Istanbul

Best private universities in Istanbul for international students:

Istinye University:

Discover why Istinye University is recognized as one of Turkey's top universities. Especially in the Medical Departments

Istanbul Aydin University:

Discover Istanbul Aydın University, a leading institution at the core of Istanbul, renowned for its dynamic campus ambiance,

Bahçeşehir University:

Discover Bahçeşehir University, an international institution located in the heart of Istanbul. With a diverse community of international students,

Istanbul Bilgi University:

Discover Istanbul Bilgi University, a leading institution in Turkish higher education. 

Istanbul Medipol University:

Istanbul Medipol University is a top private university in Turkey, known for its prestigious medical programs and excellent facilities,

Atilim University:

Atilim University is a prominent institution of higher education located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

Altinbas University:

Altınbaş University is  a leading university in Turkey and a rising star in the global university landscape.

Istanbul Gilesim University:

Istanbul Gelişim University is a leading university in Turkey that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. 

End of the study period and graduation from the university

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